Due to the current global pandemic, all our instructor led courses are currently offered using only our e-learning models.

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The PearlMutual academy consist of well certified facilitators using modern tools to deliver top notch training.

Major areas at the Pearl Academy:

Advanced certificate for executives
Our advanced certificate for executive program training program helps participants to tackle major changes within companies, drive transformation, innovate, meet future challenges and build a strategic vision for their organization.

Professional courses in Accounting and Finance
Our professional courses in accounting helps participants understand financial information and application and its relevance to users or entities such as potential shareholders, creditors (including banks or vendors), financial analysts, economists, and government agencies.

Treasury and Operations
Our training on treasury and operations de mystifies the complexities of capital management, liquidity management etc. The course explains in-depth important roles for corporate treasury in managing cash flow and liquidity, working capital, accessing debt financing, and managing capital

Financial risk Management
Our training on Financial Risk Management provides key insight into the key sources of financial risk, their measurement and the practical strategies used to mitigate them

Business enhancement and communication
This course is tailored to help participants develop the skills necessary for successful business communication and writing – emails, letters, reports or proposals. It will enable participants to confidently tackle
business writing by giving them the required techniques for the writing process.

Asset Management

Our asset management courses are designed to enable participants better manage financial and organizational assets. This would help improve operating results, performance and improve companies bottom line.

Our large portfolio of banking courses will provide you with the understanding of how the banking system provides credit, finance trade and investment, raises capital, transfers risk and provides liquidity. This knowledge is a necessity for every banking professional, treasurer and business executive

Risk management
Our Risk management program is tailored to help participants analyze specific risk management frameworks and different types of risk as well as building awareness of specific risks such as credit, market and
operational risks. It is designed to help participants understand how risk standards are developed and identifying key criteria for implementing effective risk controls, procedures and regulatory processes

Human Resources
Our Human Resource training program focuses on the responsibilities of a human resource manager. It will help understand the recruitment, selection and appraisal processes.