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BridgeAngels is an expression of PearlMutual Consulting Limited, a business financial incubation established to help companies especially those in agro-processing & trading sector of the industry to improve business activities such as expanding working capital, new technology and exportation through fund arrangement. The company is based in Lagos and will serve clients in achieving their organizational goals and objectives. Our services will include adding value to businesses through fund arrangement, business incubation, trainings and consultancy services. Our main focus is to engender agriculture processing and trading in Nigeria and generally improve the capacity to manufacture of indigenous companies. 

Nigeria is a nation with various factor endowments, but yet there is still the threat of hunger, extreme poverty and the need to combat this menace calls for urgent attention. The power and strength of a country is estimated by the strength of its industries. However, it has become an obvious fact that for the Nigerian economy to grow to the level where it is prepared for the vacillation which crude oil price may bring in the future, we need the agro based industries. To this end we are poised to enhance the processing and trading capacity of indigenous companies in this industry, hence feeding the nation and growing export revenue for the nation.